After Rajini’s exit, RMM says members free to join any political party

Rajini Makkal Mandram, however, told its members not to forget they are fans of the great ‘Thalaiva’

Rajinikanth, who had promised to launch his party which in turn would fight the Tamil Nadu polls, backed out on December 29 last year, citing health concerns and inability to campaign ahead of the elections due to the COVID-19 pandemic | File Photo: PTI

Days after superstar Rajinikanth declared he won’t join politics, Rajini Makkal Mandram (RMM), the party launched by the actor, on Monday (January 18), said its members can join any political party of their liking.

“You may resign (as members of Rajini Makkal Mandram) to be with any political outfit. But remember, you are a fan of the great Rajinikanth,” a press release issued by Rajini Makkal Mandram manager VM Sudhakar read.

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Rajini Makkal Mandram was formed in 2018 with the regrouping of several of the actor’s fan clubs. This was considered the first step to launch Rajinikanth’s political career, which finally failed to take off.

Three district secretaries of Rajini Makkal Mandram joined the DMK in the presence of party president MK Stalin in Chennai on Sunday (January 17). Three more joined the DMK later in the day.

Rajinikanth’s fans and supporters are unwilling to accept their leader’s decision to not to enter politics. The actor gave failing health and COVID-19 pandemic as the reasons for permanently abandoning his plans to enter politics. On December 25, Rajini was hospitalised for high blood pressure and exhaustion in Hyderabad where he was shooting for an incomplete film project. The superstar had then told his fans that he saw it as a ‘warning given by god’.

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Since then his fans have been organizing morchas urging the actor to reconsider his decision. Rajini said he was extremely sorry for disappointing his fans, but urged them not to pressurize him to go back on his resolution.

The talks of Rajini re-entering politics were rekindled after Thuglak editor S Gurumurthy, who is believed to be close to the actor, said, “I have always said that Rajini should enter politics. However, this time it is about his health. So a decision in this matter can be taken by no one but Rajinikanth himself.”

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