Modi played his last card on Kashmir, Imran tells ‘solidarity’ rally

Imran Khan, Kashmir issue, Indo-Pak
Pakistan PM Narendra Modi. Photo: PTI

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday (October 11) said that his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi has “played his last card” by abrogating the Article 370 of the Indian Constitution that provided special status to Jammu and Kashmir.

Besides, Khan also slammed the international media saying that it was ignoring the Kashmir issue but providing full coverage to the Hong Kong protests, reported news agency PTI.

Speaking at a “human chain” event in Islamabad, the Pakistan Prime Minister said that Kashmiris will not accept India’s move to revoking the state’s special status. Kashmiris, he said, will come out when the restrictions are lifted.

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“Narendra Modi committed a mistake, he has played his last card, but the people of Kashmir will never accept it. The people of Kashmir have no fear as for seven decades they had been subjected to conditions that eliminated their fear,” PTI quoted Khan as saying.

The “human chain” at D-Chowk, the heart of national capital, witnessed a gathering of several Pakistanis on Friday. The event aimed at expressing “solidarity” with the people of Kashmir.

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Khan also tweeted that he was “puzzled” seeing how the international media has been giving headline coverage to the protests in Hong Kong, but ignoring the “human rights crisis” in Kashmir.

The tensions between the two neighbouring countries escalated after New Delhi on August 5 revoked the special status of Jammu and Kashmir, triggering a sharp reaction from Islamabad. It expelled the Indian envoy and has been trying to rally support of the foreign countries against India on the issue.

New Delhi has been maintaining that the Kashmir issue is a bilateral matter between India and Pakistan and there is no scope for any third-party mediation.

(With inputs from agencies)