‘Let my building burn’: Indian restaurant owners seek justice for George Flyod

Gandhi Mahal restaurant owners say 'Let my building burn, justice needs to be served', after the building was set ablaze in Minneapolis protests, seeking justice for George Flyod's death.

Photo: Gandhi Mahal restaurant: Facebook page

A building which comprised an Indian cuisine restaurant in Minneapolis was among those damaged in the protests over George Floyd’s death this week. The Gandhi Mahal restaurant caught fire as it was just a few doors away from the Third Precinct headquarters of the Minneapolis Police Department. The police department was set on fire by protesters on Thursday (May 28) night.

However, in response to the incident, the owners of the restaurant, who are of Bangladeshi-origin, posted a message on their official social media page, which is winning many hearts.

Hafsa Islam, the 18-year-old daughter of the restaurant owner Ruhel Islam said that she is is grateful for their neighbours who did their best to stand guard and protect the Gandhi Mahal. Their efforts won’t go unrecognised.


She added that they will rebuild and they will recover. Her facebook post is now viral on social media. Talking about her father, she said that her father said on the phone to let their building burn, put those police officers in jail as justice needs to be served.

With more than 27,000 shares, the facebook post has reached millions of hearts online, spreading across social media platforms from Twitter to Instagram.

Hafsa stated that the Gandhi Mahal may have felt the flames last night, but their fiery drive to help protect and stand with the community will never die!

For their community service, the family is well admired in the locality. The fine cuisine restaurant is reportedly a hub of inter-faith interactions which promotes sustainable living to fight climate change, supports farmers as well as budding artists.

As protests seeking justice for George Flyod grew violent in Minneapolis, the owner’s family reportedly opened the doors of their restaurant for the paramedics, to treat those injured and other protesters to take shelter from the police officer’s wrath of tear gas and rubber bullets. This is how social media users responded in solidarity:

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