Indian passport holders to get UAE visit visa permit

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The matter during zero hour, Raghavan said that in the second page of the passport booklet, the lotus symbol was printed inside a rectangle box. Photo: iStock.

Indian passport holders with the United Kingdom and European Union visas can get a visit visa permit at all the UAE ports, the authorities here have said.

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai posted a video tweet on Monday (July 15) that lays down the conditions under which this facility will operate. It said that the entry permit will be issued, provided that the validity of the residence visa issued by the UK and EU countries and applicants passport is not less than six months.

According to the GDRFA, Indian passengers can get their entry permit for a fee of Arab Emirates Dirham (AED) 100 (₹1,874) and AED 20 (₹375) service charges. The maximum period allowed to stay within the UAE for the holders of the entry permit is 14 days and can be extended once.

A renewal fee of AED 250 (₹4,687) and service fee of AED 20 (₹375) will be charged, it said in the video. If the holder of the entry permit exceeds the specified period of 14 days, or the extension period of 28 days within the UAE, the fine shall be calculated as follows:


AED 100 (₹1,874) for each day, AED 200 (₹3,749) departure permit, it said.