BJP govt’s ‘racist’ actions will lead to more Pulwama-like attacks: Pak PM

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan - The Federal

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday (August 6) warned that more Pulwama-like attacks could happen as a result of India abrogating Article 370 of the Constitution, which gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir.

Addressing a joint session of Pakistan Parliament, Khan said the BJP government’s move to divide Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh into two Union territories, was “in accordance with their ideology” which he described as “racist”, according to Pakistani newspaper Dawn.

“What they did in Kashmir is in accordance with their ideology. They have a racist ideology,” he said. “They have violated their own country’s and international laws to (uphold) their ideology.

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“This is not a decision they (BJP) have taken out of the blue. It was part of their election manifesto all along. It is, in fact, ingrained in their ideology that puts Hindus above all other religions and seeks to establish a state that represses all other religious groups,” he said.

“They will now crack down even harder on the Kashmiri people. They will try to suppress Kashmiri resistance with brute force. I fear that they may initiate ethnic cleansing in Kashmir to wipe out the local population. With an approach of this nature, incidents like Pulwama are bound to happen again. They will attempt to place the blame on us again. What will happen then? They may strike us again, and we will strike back,” he said.

Khan claimed that Pakistan was not behind the Pulwama suicide bomb attack, which claimed the lives of over 40 CRPF personnel in Kashmir in February this year.

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The Pakistan PM observed that the Narendra Modi government’s move gave credence to Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s two-nation theory, according to an India Today report.

“Jinnah knew that RSS wants India only for Hindus and any Muslims there would be treated as second-class citizens. He was the first to see through their agenda,” Imran Khan was quoted as telling the joint session.

The Pakistan Parliament passed a resolution condemning India’s decision to revoke the special status of Jammu and Kashmir given under Article 370 of the Constitution.

The Pakistan Prime Minister also said that he would appeal to the global leadership to take note of the incident.