Why a workout session is as good for the brain as it is for the brawn

A quick jog can sharpen your memory, help you fight anxiety and keep Alzheimer’s at bay, says neuroscientist

WHO releases new, stricter air quality guidelines: Check out the details

The World Health Organisation (WHO) released its air quality guidelines on Wednesday, in which the levels of pollutants which is considered safe for human health, is less than before. The recommended levels of the six common air pollutants, namely, PM2.5, PM10, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, and carbon monoxide, have all been lowered ...

First study of its kind shows air pollution may cause painful periods

Women and girls exposed to long-term air pollution can have painful and severe periods, a condition called dysmenorrhea. An epidemiological study done by open access publisher Frontiers has shown that the risk of developing dysmenorrhea increases 30 times for women and girls who are exposed to air pollutants such as carbon and nitrogen oxides an...

Why is Kerala hotbed of zoonotic diseases like COVID, Nipah?

Depleting forest cover with higher concentrations of livestock and human, leading to disruptions in the ecosystem, could be the trigger

Nipah could be back; here’s what you need to watch out for

The virus spreads fast, mutates rapidly, kills quickly, and there’s no vaccine yet; so, prevention will be your safest option

Celebs like Virat Kohli, Malaika are sipping ‘black water’. Wait, what?

There is a new ‘health drink’ in town with celebrity chuggers are extolling its benefits





Millets in diet can lower risk of diabetes, says study

Consuming millets reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and helps manage blood glucose levels in people with diabetes, shows a new study based on research from 11 countries. Diabetic people who consumed millets as part of their daily diet saw their blood glucose levels drop 12-15% (fasting and post-meal), and blood glucose levels went f...

Centre’s flagship health scheme prefers Gujarat over other states

The state of Gujarat seems to have got a preferential treatment in allocation of funds under Pradhan Mantri Jan Aarogya Yojana – Centre’s ambitious scheme for universal health coverage – for the current financial year, reveals a Right to Information (RTI) application. The National Health Authority gave almost one-third of Rs 1,044 crore to Prime...

Persons with spinal injuries battle bed sores and govt apathy

While Tamil Nadu chief minister MK Stalin welcomed Centre’s decision to exempt Goods & Services Tax (GST) on medicines for rare diseases such as spinal muscular dystrophy, some of the demands put forth by people with spinal injuries have gone unnoticed so far.

Spare the child, physical punishment bad for children: new Lancet study

Modern parents are well-versed with this fact: physical punishment is bad for children and can only cause more behavioural problems over time.This was driven home once again in a comprehensive study published by the reputed medical journal 'Lancet' on Monday. (June 28)

Lockdowns weakened vision of 25% Indians. Know ways to protect your eyes

We saw it coming and yet we decided to ignore it. A latest global study indicates that Indians have suffered maximum damage to vision because of increased screen time, courtesy COVID-induced lockdowns.

Why it’s important to wait at inoculation centre for at least 30 minutes

The Centre on Tuesday (June 15) confirmed the first death due to anaphylaxis following vaccination against COVID-19. The death was confirmed in the assessment of 31 Serious Adverse Events Following Immunisation (AEFI) cases following COVID-19 vaccination, carried out by a government panel. AEFI is defined as any untoward medical occurrence wh...

More men are seeking counselling; work from home, spouse stress among issues

Men are increasingly coming forward to complain about a host of issues, including strain in relationship with spouse and work-related stress.

Don’t panic over Covishield dose interval, says Centre

The Centre has assured that people should not panic about the need for an immediate change in the dosage interval of Covishield vaccine.

COVID has eroded cancer care; may have long-term impact: research

COVID disruptions have led to a substantial drop in cancer screening, resulting in missed or delayed diagnoses and more deaths, says a study

Killer combo for COVID: Being maskless, chatting in indoor spaces

Tiny aerosols containing the COVID virus, emitted when speaking, are far more potent than those that come from a cough or sneeze

COVID aerosol spread: CSIR develops UV technology to ‘clear’ the air

The UV technology to kill microbes, developed by CSIR and shared with 28 companies nationwide, is a cost-effective system aimed for use in offices, retail areas and indoor public spaces; it can address the aerosol spread of COVID

People irked as COVID vaccine certificates land even without the jab

A bizarre scenario is unfolding in several places across the country - many people are receiving vaccination certificates without getting the jab at all; this may raise serious doubts on vaccination data, say experts

After COVID vaccination, only 0.06% chance of hospitalisation, says study

Citing a study conducted by it, the Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in New Delhi has said that about 97.4% of those who are vaccinated are protected from a COVID infection; the chance of hospitalisation post immunisation is just 0.06%

Sputnik V vaccine rolled out in India, to cost ₹995 per shot

Pharma giant Dr Reddy's Laboratories on Friday administered the first dose of Sputnik V, the COVID vaccine manufactured in Russia and shipped to India recently; it is set to price the vaccine at around ₹995 per shot, vs Covishield at ₹600 and Covaxin at ₹1,200

Mixing COVID vaccines can give you mild side effects, but not harmful: Study

Researchers looked at what happens when one dose each of AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines are administered; if the study fully proves that a heterologous schedule is effective and safe, it will ease the implementation burden for governments to a large extent

Go light on meals, eat seasonal food: Ways to beat summer blues

Eleven-year-old Sujata remembers having a glass of fruit juice with breakfast before going to school. Now she attends her online classes from home, but the glass of fruit juice remains the same in her breakfast menu. Similarly, nine-year-old Aakash used to enjoy a glass of aam panna prepared by his grandmother with lunch, once back from school. Aak...

COVID control: Centre recommends dark chocolate, turmeric, oats and more

Pointing out that India has been using immunity boosting methods for ages and that these have become more relevant in times of COVID, the government suggested that people consumer more protein-rich food, good fats, and dark chocolate to keep anxiety at bay

Why people are getting COVID-19 even after getting vaccinated

Even as Prime Minister Narendra Modi stresses on increasing the reach of vaccination amid increasing COVID cases, there are concerns of re-infection among vaccinated individuals.

Deadly African swine fever re-emerging in Asia. Will it affect humans?

The African swine fever, which has killed millions of pigs across Asia, is re-emerging in the continent, threatening a shortage in meat production and meat protein.

France to begin its first experiment with medical marijuana

France has moved forward with its first medical marijuana experiment after identifying the companies that will supply products to 3,000 patients for two years, starting in March. Advocates hope the move will lead to the drug's legalisation for medicinal purposes.