Kerala moves on plasma therapy for COVID-19, seeks nod for trials

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala has received approval from the Indian Council of Medical Research to test and see if plasma transfusion could be a way of treatment for critical COVID-19 patients in the state.

Common surgical masks good for most COVID-19 treatment: Study

Toronto: Amid reports of the COVID-19 remaining infectious on face masks for up to a week putting people in panic mode, another study claimed that N95 masks can prevent people from inhaling at least 95 percent of very small airborne particles.

Coronavirus lasts on face masks for a week, currency for days: Study

Beijing: The deadly coronavirus can remain infectious on face masks, which are being used for protection from the same, for up to a week, a study stated, adding that it can last on banknotes, stainless steel and plastic surfaces for days.

In quarantine, the real challenge is combating anxiety

Tinu Cherian Abraham is a Bengaluru-based corporate communications professional who went into self-quarantine much before the state health officials advised home isolation for people travelling from foreign countries. He says self-quarantine is doable if one inculcates a few new habits.

BCG vaccine may have links to COVID-19 morbidity, reveals study

With the number of deaths related to coronavirus crossing the 50,000-mark globally, a new study has found a link between the universal BCG vaccination and reduced morbidity and mortality for the COVID-19 infection.

Cremation of COVID victims poses no risk of transmission: WB health dept

Kolkata: There’s no risk of virus transmission during cremation or burial of coronavirus victims as officials are taking necessary precautions, said the West Bengal health department in an advisory. It said there was no chance of airborne transmission as the disease spreads through droplets coughed or sneezed out by an infected patient.

Bengaluru-based firm launches India’s first at-home COVID-19 test kit

Bengaluru: Bengaluru-based genetic and microbiome testing firm Bione has launched India’s first rapid COVID-19 at-home screening test kit. After requisite approval, the kit is now available for sale on their website, the company said in a release.

COVID-19: Counsellors reach out to the quarantined to alleviate fears

Retired banker Anmol* and his wife were stunned to see their neighbours in their flat near Mangaluru treat them with contempt ever after their return from Dubai a few weeks back. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, panic seemed to have overtaken the neighbours who even called up their daughter to complain about the old couple, who are in home quarantine...

COVID-19 fatalities point finger at non-communicable diseases in India

With the risk of fatality in coronavirus linked to comorbidities like diabetes, hypertension and cancer, besides chronic respiratory diseases, the viral pandemic has brought to the fore the need to address non-communicable diseases (NCD) and their treatment in India.


Assam reports first COVID-19 death

Assam on Friday (April 10...

COVID-19, a hint of world’s vulnerability to bio-terrorist attacks: UN chief

United Nations: Calling the battle agains...

Vijay Mallya gets bankruptcy reprieve from UK High Court

In a relief to liquor bar...

As humans go into isolation, wildlife stroll, lounge in urban spaces

If not humans, the wildli...




Explained: What is antibody test for COVID-19 and why is it important?

Chennai: While India is set to begin antibody tests on people to identify more cases of COVID-19, a lot of doubts have risen on what is different about the antibody test when compared to the regular diagnostic testing that has been done so far.

Coronavirus test results in minutes? Scientists question accuracy

Madrid: Some political leaders are hailing a potential breakthrough in the fight against COVID-19: simple pin-prick blood tests or nasal swabs that can determine within minutes if someone has, or previously had, the virus.

Number of COVID-19 cases rise to 724 in India, death toll at 17

New Delhi: The death toll due to COVID-19 went up to 17 in the country on Friday and the number of coronavirus cases climbed to 724, according to the health ministry.

COVID-19: Telemedicine guidelines a boost to last-mile connectivity

With the chorus growing for the need to unburden healthcare, especially secondary and tertiary care facilities, during the time of a pandemic like COVID-19, the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare that issued guidelines for telemedicine on March 25, has given it an impetuous push. The ‘telemedicine practise guidelines’ have observed that t...

Coronavirus: Engineering student develops pendant to ensure social distancing

New Delhi: Are you finding it difficult to maintain the mandatory one meter distance from other people to avoid coronavirus infection? Do you forget to wash your hands regularly? Don't fret as an engineering student in Punjab has found a solution for all such problems. Prabin Kumar Das of Lovely Professional University (LPU) has developed a device named ka...

India’s paradox: Rapid tech strides but poor record on infectious diseases

Besides exposing the rickety healthcare system and abysmally low public spending on the sector over the decades, the coronavirus pandemic has brought into sharp focus the country’s skewed priorities when it comes to addressing the challenges from infectious diseases. India carries a disproportionate burden of global infectious diseases, particul...

Hantavirus kills man in China amid global COVID-19 crisis: Report

Beijing: At a time when coronavirus has triggered a global crisis leading to a lockdown in several countries, a man in China’s Yunnan province has died of hantavirus, a disease spread by rodents, reported official media on Tuesday. The hantavirus report came as China is currently grappling with coronavirus.

Only one isolation bed per 84,000 in India: Report

There is only one isolation bed per 84,000 Indians and one quarantine bed per 36,000 in the country, as of March 17, reported The Indian Express quoting an Union health ministry data on Sunday, bringing to the fore the need of beefing up infrastructure in the wake of coronavirus outbreak.

The humble PHC shows potential to be unlocked for COVID-19

Chennai: In wake of the novel coronavirus outbreak, primary health care workers across Tamil Nadu have a new task in hand as they will be contact tracing and following up on people who are on home quarantine.

India could become COVID-19 hotspot by April 15: Experts

Even as India is taking several preventive measures to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, experts feel that the country could be the next hotspot of the COVID-19 infection.

COVID-19: International passengers in Chennai to be quarantined

Passengers will be taken from the airport tarmac directly to accommodations, where they will be quarantined, first for a period of 24 hours. Quarantine extension will be decided by medical authorities later.

Karnataka reports two more coronavirus cases; shutdown till March 31

Bengaluru: Two more persons tested positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday in Karnataka, taking the total number of infected persons to 13 in the state.

Coronavirus was neither predicted by Dean Koontz, nor is it a bio weapon

The new strain of coronavirus — COVID-19 — which has spread to over 100 countries and killed more than 7,500 people so far across the globe, has triggered several conspiracy theories.

Two fall ill as Bengal BJP’s cow-urine cure creates health hazard

Kolkata: The BJP in West Bengal seems to have launched a parallel coronavirus prevention drive by promoting “cow urine” as an antidote, creating a new health hazard with at least two persons reportedly falling sick after consuming it.

COVID-19: Compulsory quarantine begins for air passengers in Chennai

Compulsory 24-hour quarantine will begin tonight for international flight passengers at Chennai airport, duty doctor (Air India), Dr Poovanan Ganapathy tells The Federal.

COVID-19: Masks debut in RS; MPs demand curtailed Budget session

New Delhi: Members of Parliament from the opposition parties on Wednesday (March 18) demanded curtailment of the ongoing Budget session in the Rajya Sabha in view of the fast-spreading coronavirus outbreak in the country.

Study clarifies, coronavirus a product of natural evolution, not lab made

Los Angeles: Ending the widespread speculation and rumours that the coronavirus may have been engineered in a lab, a new study claims that the COVID-19 pandemic is not artificially made, but the product of natural evolution.

Novel coronavirus can remain stable on surfaces for hours to days: Study

Los Angeles: The novel coronavirus, responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic, can be stable for several hours to days in aerosols and on surfaces, according to a new study which suggests that even people who do not yet show symptoms of the disease can spread the infection to others. The research, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, described the s...

New coronavirus can survive on surfaces for hours, proves study

Washington: The novel coronavirus can survive on surfaces or in the air for several hours, according to a US-government funded study.

Coronavirus: The dos and don’ts you need to know

The spreading fear of coronavirus and the increasing infection rate, taking the total number of positive cases in India to 115 (as of Monday), have raised more questions on its nature and ways to avoid or mitigate the pandemic.