'Uniformed criminals': Calcutta HC orders probe against cop

Observing that it is moreimportant to proceed against “uniformed criminals” before theother criminal activity is checked, the Calcutta High Courthas directed West Bengals Director General of Police (DGP) toinstitute an inquiry against an investigating officer in acase of forged cheque.

Hearing an anticipatory bail petition, a divisionbench comprising justices Sanib Banerjee and Aniruddha Roynoted that one of the arrested persons in the case of forgedcheque claimed that the petitioner, a retired taxman, hadintroduced him to a retired bank manager.

On the basis of the claim, the petitioner was summonedby the investigating officer for questioning.

The court observed that this appears to be a case ofharassment or extortion by the investigating officer andimmediate appropriate disciplinary measures must be institutedagainst possible unruly conduct.

“It is more important to proceed against uniformedcriminals before other criminal activity is checked,” thebench observed during the hearing on Wednesday.

The court directed the DGP to institute an appropriateinquiry and, if necessary, disciplinary proceedings beinitiated against this investigating officer upon looking intohis past conduct for any similar feats.

Noting that the lawyer representing the statesubmitted that there is no material to proceed against thepetitioner in the present case, the division bench said that”the question of passing any order does not arise”.

The court observed that it is difficult to imaginethat any wrongdoing had been attributed to the petitioner inthe relevant statement by the accused person and that it isdifficult to imagine that merely because the petitionerintroduced a person, it can be construed that he was involvedin a conspiracy.

“It is needless to say that the petitioner can nolonger be disturbed in connection with the present case in anymanner whatsoever,” the court directed.

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