Three wild elephant deaths reported in Kerala

The death of three wildelephants, including a calf, was reported from three forestregions in north Kerala on Sunday, forest officials said.

While two elephants died allegedly in accidents, the calf could not be examined due to the presence of a herd of jumbosaround it, they said.

According to forest officials, a 20-year-old femaleelephant died on Sunday morning, hours after it was rescuedfrom an unused well in a farm into which it had fallen threedays ago.

The elephant was rescued from the well in Kozhikodedistrict on Saturday night, following a day-long operation bythe forest officials using excavators.

A forest officer said the elephant was very weak when itwas brought out of the well.

It was provided enough water, food and medical aid.

“We were expecting that the elephant would return to theforests. But it collapsed and died after walking a few feetfrom the place it was rescued. Postmortem was performed toascertain the cause of death,” the officer said.

It is suspected that either dehydration or internalinjuries could be the reason for the elephants death.

In a separate incident, a 20-year-old makhna (tusklessmale elephant) was found dead in a farm land adjacent to aforest in Nilambur this morning.

“We suspect that the elephant was electrocuted.

Themakhna was found dead in a farm land in Chakkukuzhi underKalikavu forest range in Nilambur. An investigation has beenlaunched into the incident”, a forest officer said.

In another incident, a calf was found dead inside Wayanadwildlife sanctuary today.

A wildlife official said the matter was reported fromVandikkadavu in Kurichiat forest Range in Wayanad district.

“Our officers could not reach the place due to thepresence of an elephant herd around the dead calf,” he said.

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