Nadda pans regional parties for pursuing dynasty politics, says TMC lacks principles, policies


Launching a scathing attack on regional parties over their “pursuance of dynastic politics”, BJP national president J P Nadda on Wednesday said that the ruling “aunt-nephew” dispensation in Bengal lacks principles or policies.

Asserting that the BJP is the “only national party which has a neta (leader), niti (policy) and niyat (intent)”, Nadda, taking a dig at the decline in Congress vote share, said that the grand old party is now lupt (extinct) in the country.

Exuding confidence that the “future belongs to the BJP”, Nadda, addressing the partys state executive committee meeting here, vowed to defeat the TMC in the next elections, “just as we won against the Congress”.

Lauding Prime Minister Narendra Modis leadership abilities, he said that “the PM has scripted a new development story for India” in the last eight years.

“We are fighting regional parties, which have turned into dynastic outfits. These parties neither have any principles nor policies.

“Be it in Jammu and Kashmir, where you have the JKNC and the PDP or in states such as Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and West Bengal… everywhere we find baap-beta (father-son) parties or baap-beti (father-daughter) and bua-bhatija (aunt-nephew) parties,” he said.

Referring to the TMC, Nadda said it is a party of “Pisi-Bhaipo (aunt-nephew)”.

In his bid to boost the morale of party workers, Nadda said, “During my college days, those associated with the Congress mocked me, saying that I am in the wrong party. I used to tell them that it was not me but them who had joined the wrong party. After 40 years, look where the BJP stands. We are running the government with full majority.

“Forty years back, nobody had thought India could be Congress-mukt (Congress-free); today, we have Congress-lupt (extinct) Bharat… There is nothing Indian left in the Indian National Congress (INC); their leaders now speak from London,” he said in an apparent reference to its leader Rahul Gandhis speech at a programme in London last month.

Hitting out at the Mamata Banerjee-led party, he claimed that its leaders “take commission for government projects”.

“In politics, there is nothing static; things change. The future belongs to the BJP. People sometimes go for short-term gains rather than looking at the distant future.

“The TMC has no principles or policies. It only has syndicates and cut-money culture. The Modi government wants to give funds, but their (TMC) only mission is to take commission,” he said.

Nadda slammed the ruling party in Bengal for “spreading lies about the Centre over MNREGA fund release delay”, and said the TMC government did not submit expenditure details of last three years.

“They are saying the Centre is not releasing MNREGA funds. They are spreading lies. West Bengal has not given hisab (report) on the funds spent in the last three years. Nobody knows where the central funds are being siphoned off,” he said.

Earlier in the month, the TMC had held rallies across the state in protest against the alleged delay by the Centre in clearing funds amounting to Rs 6,000 crores that it owed to Bengal under the 100-day work scheme.

Referring to the saffron partys fight in bringing about a change in neighbouring Bihars political spectrum, Nadda said nobody had ever imagined that Lalu Prasad Yadav, the former CM, would go to jail, but “that became a reality as the law took its own course”.

“Similarly, the day is not far away when Pishi and bhaipo, too, will be shown their place,” he said.

Naddas comments drew sharp reactions from the ruling TMC, which called him a “liar” who spreads canards against the state government.

” BJP president is a liar. He fails to understand that @aitcofficial under the supreme leadership of Ms Mamata Banerjee is a time tested Party of 10-crore greater family of people of Bengal. All sinister designs to divide Bengal shall be thwarted by these great people led by Didi (sic),” TMC chief spokesperson and MP Sukhendu Sekhar Ray tweeted.

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