Kerala local bodies to have Suchitwa grading


The Local Self Government Department (LSGD) institutions in Kerala will soon be graded based on their operational excellence in the areas of sanitation and waste management. State Minister for LSGD and Excise, M V Govindan said a detailed guideline in this regard has been issued.

The factors prescribed by the government for scientific implementation of solid waste management would be considered for the grading of each institution, he said in a statement on Saturday. The assessment is based on the total amount of organic and inorganic waste generated in each local body, amount of waste collected, handling of waste, garbage treatment facilities and its quality and maintenance. The cleanliness of public toilets, falling under each such institution, would also be checked.

The inspection teams would directly visit each institution for grading and they would receive special training for this under the state-run Kerala Institute of Local Administration (KILA).

Local bodies scoring above 70 per cent marks will be given A grade and green category. Those who receive marks between 70-50 per cent will get B grade and yellow tag and the institutions having marks between 50-20 per cent will be given C grade and orange category.


The civic institutions, which get less than 20 per cent marks, would get D grade and red category, the minister explained.

“The new grading system will help create a garbage-free Kerala. Through the Suchitwa grading of local bodies, the negative and positive aspects of each locality in terms of waste management can be identified,” Govindan said.

He also said the new system would help the authorities to make more effective interventions in the area.

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