Install high-resolution cameras at all mosques, madrassas to monitor activities: VHP


The Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) on Saturday demanded that high-resolution cameras be installed inside and outside every mosque and madrassa as well as in areas dominated by Muslims across the country to monitor activities there in the wake of the Friday violence.

VHP working president Alok Kumar said those trying to pollute the peaceful and harmonious atmosphere of the country will have to understand that India is run by the Constitution and not by the Shariat.

Violent protests erupted in several parts of the country on Friday against the controversial remarks on Prophet Mohammad by two now-suspended BJP functionaries.

Asking the Muslim community to wait for the legal process in the matter related to the controversial remarks against Prophet Mohammed, the RSS affiliate said the perpetrators of violence, who are puppets of the fundamentalist, should be dealt with an iron hand and also be made to pay compensation for the damage to property.

The mobs who indulged in rioting, violence, attacks and arson had come out from the mosques after the Friday prayers. The jihadi Muslim leadership of the country is taking the common Muslims to the path of violence, which is neither in their interest nor that of the country, Kumar alleged in a statement.

The saffron outfit demanded that “high-resolution video cameras should also be installed inside and outside all the madrassas across the country, alleging that they “are rapidly becoming the factories of jihadist elements.

Kumar noted that the administration is taking action in connection with the incidents of violence that took place in different parts of the country on Friday.

But, the rioters will have to be dealt with more severely, he demanded.

Not only should the damage of the property be compensated by the rioters but the process for this should also be made simple and quick, he said.

The religious places, from where the alleged violent mobs came out and indulged in rioting, must also own up to their responsibility, the VHP working president said.

Besides, the VHP also demands that high-resolution video cameras be installed inside and outside every mosque and madrassa as well as in the Muslim-dominated areas for monitoring of the activities in these places, the outfits national spokesperson Vinod Bansal said.

The command and operation of these cameras should be there with the local police station and the officers in-charge of these police stations be held responsible if any untoward incident takes place, he told

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