Indian talent today touches almost every part of Amazon's global offerings: Amit Agarwal

Amazons global Senior VicePresident and India country head Amit Agarwal on Friday saidthe company employs almost 1,00,000 workers in the countrydirectly, including tens of thousands of employees in the manyglobal technology teams based out Bengaluru.

He said, Indian talent today touches almost every partof Amazons global offerings.

“Bengaluru is at the heart of technology andinnovation, and we, at Amazon, have certainly been privilegedto work with some of the brightest and most talented ITprofessionals and experience the unique dynamism,resourcefulness, and inventiveness that continues to propelIndia,” Agarwal was quoted as saying at Bengaluru Tech Summit,2020 (BTS2020) in a release.

He said the industry-friendly IT policies ofsuccessive state governments, the rich talent pool of highlyskilled professionals, high-quality institutes of higherlearning, the resilience, tenacity and innovation of companiesand start-ups have all made Bengaluru what it is today.

Agarwal said technology and mobile internet havetransformed daily lives globally, and India is no different,but these are likely to have an even more profound impact onIndia, as a scalable lever to drive inclusion and equity forsociety.

Urban centres will no longer claim preferential accessto products, education, healthcare, or entertainment.

MSMEs will not be limited by their local catchment asthey dream big, he added.

Agarwal said Indian e-commerce is early in itsevolution, with barely 3 per cent of total retail consumption,but is already ushering in faster digitization across theconsumption value chain, and enabling expanded access andopportunities for customers and businesses across the country.

He also highlighted that e-commerce is blurring thelines between online and offline, between local and global andbusinesses can seamlessly complement in-store services withdoorstep convenience for customers in their locality; anddream beyond to reach customers across India, evenglobally.

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