I neither had a dream nor role-model: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman

One had expected Union FinanceMinister Nirmala Sitharaman to say that she had a dream and arole-model in life, but alas it wasnt so and she was quitecandid about it.

“When you were young, what was your dream, who was yourrole-model to get you to this position”, she was asked at aninteractive session hosted by Bangalore Chamber of Industryand Commerce (BCIC) here on Sunday.

“Absolutely sweet question,” responded Sitharaman.


“But I am not even sure I had a dream. I just kept doingwhat was before me and went along the flow.” “I dont think I chart any course in my life. I walkedalong the path which was before me and that destiny has takenme wherever I am”, the Minister said.

“Only thing is I better perform so that I dontdisappoint people who have given me the responsibility and Idont want to disappoint the people of India,” Sitharamanadded.

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