Elon Musk subpoenas Twitter whistleblower ahead of trial


Elon Musks legal team is demanding to hear from Twitters whistleblowing former security chief, who could help bolster Musks case for backing out of a $44 billion deal to buy the social media company.

Former Twitter executive Peiter Zatko also known by his hacker handle Mudge received a subpoena Saturday from Musks team, according to Zatkos lawyer and court records.

The billionaire Tesla CEO has spent months alleging that the company he agreed to acquire undercounted its fake and spam accounts and that he shouldnt have to consummate the deal as a result.

Zatkos whistleblower complaint to US officials alleging Twitter misled regulators about its privacy and security protections and its ability to detect and root out fake accounts might play into Musks hands in an upcoming trial scheduled for Oct 17 in Delaware.

Zatko served as Twitters head of security until he was fired early this year.

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