DU hostel sends notice to Rahul Gandhi over his visit

Rahul Gandhi, Delhi court, passport
Rahul Gandhi. File photo: Twitter/Congress

The provost of Delhi University’s PG men’s hostel on Wednesday sent a notice to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi over his “sudden” visit to the facility last week, saying “such a conduct from a leader of a National Party who has Z-plus security is beyond dignity”.

The two-page note sent to Gandhi by provost K P Singh said the incident amounts to trespass and irresponsible behaviour, and asked the Congress leader to “cease and desist” from taking any such step in the future.

The provost said Gandhi’s “unexpected entry” into the premises along with three vehicles violated the prescribed rules of the hostel.

In the notice, the provost mentioned rule 15.13 of the Handbook of Information and Rules of the Hostel that states: “No resident shall indulge in any activity in the Hostel premises other than academic and residents council activities.” Gandhi visited a Post-Graduate Mens Hostel of the university on Friday, interacted with some students and had lunch with them.

“The Management Committee of the Hostel in its emergent meeting held on 06.05.2023 in the presence of Dean Students Welfare and Proctor of the University of Delhi has unanimously decided and resolved that such a conduct from a leader of a National Party who has Z-plus security is beyond dignity,” the notice mentioned.

It further said, “The Hostel is governed by the University of Delhi Act, 1922 and its Statutes, Ordinances, Regulations and its own Rules of Residence, Rules regarding Dining Hal and Guests for the smooth functioning and welfare of its resident students and for maintaining proper discipline.” “Needless to mention the Administration of the Hostel reserves the right to stop any activity which according to the administration goes against the prescribed rules. As an important part of the maintenance of proper discipline in the hostel, it is clearly stipulated in Rule 15.13 of the Handbook of Information and Rules of the Hostel,” the notice read.

The Chairman and other members of the Management Committee of the hostel have condemned this incident amounting to trespass and irresponsible behaviour, the notice mentioned “Moreover, such an incident had put all the persons present in the hostel at that time to grave and imminent risk of bodily harm and safety. In view of above, you are required to cease and desist from taking any such untoward step in future for the wellbeing, safe keep of the hostel residents, staff and the authorities,” the note read.

A day after Gandhi’s visit, the Delhi University issued a sharp statement, saying the “sudden and unauthorised” entry raised serious security concerns for the hostel inmates and the leader.

“University authorities will take necessary steps to avoid such incidents of this trespassing and will ensure that this does not happen in future again,” it had said. The National Students Union of India (NSUI), the student wing of the Congress, alleged on Tuesday that the administration was under pressure to take action against Gandhi.

The registrar refuted the allegation and said, “There is no such pressure. It is a matter of discipline.”

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