Biden: Senate filibuster change on debt a real possibility


To get around Republican obstruction, President Joe Biden Biden has said that Democrats are considering a change to the Senates filibuster rules in order to quickly approve lifting the nations debt limit and avoid what would be a devastating credit default.

The presidents surprise remarks come as the Senate is tangled in a fiscally dangerous standoff over a vote thats needed to suspend the nations debt limit and allow the federal government to continue borrowing to pay down its balances. Congress has just days to act before the October 18 deadline when the Treasury Department has warned it will run short of funds to pay the nations already accrued debt load. Biden has held off on any filibuster rule changes before over other issues, but his offthe-cuff comments on Tuesday night interjected a new urgency to an increasingly uncertain situation.

Its a real possibility, Biden told reporters outside the White House.

Getting rid of the filibuster rule would lower the typical 60-vote threshold for passage to 50. In the split 50-50 Senate, Vice President Kamala Harris can break a tie, allowing Democrats to push past Republicans.


The topic was broached during a private Democratic Senate lunch session on Tuesday as senators were growing exasperated with Republican Leader Mitch McConnells refusal to allow a simple vote on the debt limit.

Instead, McConnell is forcing Democrats to undertake what they view as a cumbersome process taking days, if not weeks, that will eat into their agenda. With Republicans putting up hurdles to the vote, Democratic senators have been discussing a range of options including a carve-out to the chambers filibuster rules. But all Democratic senators would need to be on board to make the change, and at least one, Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., sounded resistant. He and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., have raised objections to ending the filibuster on other topics this year.

At his weekly press conference, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., did not embrace or reject the idea of changing the filibuster for this one specific issue. Instead, Schumer simply repeated what he, Biden and others have said that Republicans should get out of the way and allow Democrats to pass the measure thats already been approved and sent over from the House.

The best way to get this done is for Republicans to just get out of the way, Schumer said.

He said the burden to stand aside is on McConnells shoulders. McConnell, though, wants to force Democrats to use the process he favours, which gives Republicans ample time to remind voters about the unpopular vote. Once a routine matter, raising the debt limit has become politically treacherous over the past decade or more, used by Republicans, in particular, to rail against government spending and the rising debt load, now at USD 28 trillion.

The fact is, both parties have contributed to the debt and the nation has run a deficit most years for decades.

The filibuster has been up for debate all year, as Biden and his allies consider ways to work around Republican opposition to much of their agenda.

Biden has not backed earlier calls to end the filibuster for other topics namely voting law changes. But Tuesdays comments could signal a new phase.

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