Season begins: Here are the top 10 mango varieties in India

Season begins: Here are the top 10 mango varieties in India

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Summer is here, and so is the mango season.

India, home to over 250 varieties of the king of fruits, loves its mangoes. Be it the rich or the poor, there is a mango for every stratum of society. The juicy and sumptuous fruit, which is native to India, often comes in different hues that vary from golden to saffron to tender green. Here’s a quick look at some of the most popular mango varieties found in India and the region they belong to.

  1. Hapus/Alphonso

If mango is referred to as the ‘king of fruits’ then Alphonso is indeed at the top of the echelon. Referred to as Hapus in Maharashtra and Gujarat, this saffron-coloured, fibreless fruit is mostly grown in Devgad area of Sindhudurg and Ratnagiri, both located in the coastal region of Konkan in Maharashtra. It can be consumed directly or used to make sweets, smoothies, candies and mango drinks.

2. Langra

This variety is native to Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh and is very popular in the north. This fruit is oval and remains green even when ripe. The folklore has it that the name of the variety comes from the first owner of the tree, who was lame.

3. Dasheri

This is another popular north Indian variety, mostly grown in Uttar Pradesh but sold all over the country. It is known for its savoury flavour. The fruit remains green when ripened and is mostly distinguished because of this very nature.

4. Totapuri

Totapuri is native to Karnataka and also grown in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu. It is easily identifiable by its beak-shaped tip which makes it look like a parrot. The perfect blend of sweet and tarty tastes gives Totapuri a unique place among all the mango varieties found in India.

5. Pairi

Pairi is different from all other mangoes in a number of ways: colour, taste and its time of arrival in the market. The fruit is a little tangy but juicy and its reddish tinge makes it easily distinguishable. It is usually the first to hit the market. Mostly grown in Gujarat.

6. Badami

One of the most commonly found mango throughout India is popular for its reasonable price and sweetness. Most commonly used for preparing mango shakes and juices. Mostly grown in Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat.

7. Banganapalle

Another variety grown in large numbers and sold all through the country. It is grown mostly in Andhra Pradesh. The mango is fibreless, yellow in colour with a white tinge. They generally come in big sizes and can weigh up to half a kilo. It’s is also one of the earliest fruits to hit the market (last week of March), but does not last till the end of the season.

8. Chaunsa

It owes its origin to Kurukshetra in Haryana, known for the Mahabharata, but is mostly grown in Uttar Pradesh. It is among the sweetest mangoes found in India. The greenish-yellow fruit is high on pulp and appears in the market by the beginning of the monsoon season. Die-hard fans of chausa wait eagerly for the rains to start so that they can savour their favourite fruit.

9. Malda

It got its name from the place of its origin – Malda, a district in West Bengal. The fruit is sweet and its skin is thin. It is one of the highest mango varieties in India.

10. Keshar

Keshar mango originated in Junagarh, Gujarat. It is called so because of its unique fragrance which resembles saffron or Kesar. People who love ‘amras’ cannot wait for the Keshar mango to hit the market.

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