Raat Akeli Hai review | A gripping tale of murder and revenge

The suspense begins right as the murder happens and keeps the audience hooked till the end

Raat Akeli Hai
Many dark secrets of the wealthy family are revealed as the investigation proceeds day by day | Photo: Wikipedia

Raat Akeli Hai, a Netflix movie, is a gripping tale of murder and revenge that takes place in a small town of Uttar Pradesh. The story begins with the murder of an old rich feudal family head (Raghubir Singh) right after his wedding. All the festivities and wedding celebrations go haywire as the family finds the groom lying on the bed with a bullet in his chest and a mutilated face.

The suspense begins right there and keeps the audience hooked until the end of the two and a half-hour drama until the murderer is revealed.

Inspector Jatil Yadav played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui investigates the case. His name itself, Jatil meaning complex, gives the right representation of his character. His dilemma of giving justice and his personal baggage of emotions seems to be overlapping each other. But in the end, it turns out well.

The dramatic shift in his thought process by the end of the movie is something to be considered a phenomenal change.


The story completely revolves around characters of the cop (Nawazudding Siddiqui) and the bride (Radhika Apte). The film not only reveals the murder but also shows us the societal structure and how it changes the course of the case.

Many dark secrets of the wealthy family are revealed as the investigation proceeds day by day. It also gives a peek into the political pressures on the police in such cases involving many stakeholders.

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One striking aspect about the film is that it hits hard on the reality of the women in the story. All the women in the film, irrespective of their social, financial status, or any hierarchal position, are subjected to the victimisation in some or the other way. This makes us think about the way women are treated in our society – a reflection of our society in many ways. The sexual propensity of the men in the film that drives the plot gives us another hint to the objectification of women.

The very human nature of the cop gives us a realistic experience of the story. His behaviour makes us think on many lines. The film keeps you held up until the last minute except that it becomes a bit slow towards the end. Also, the songs seemed to have dragged down the pace of the movie.

All the other characters played by different actors have given complete justice to their work. Each one of them unveils one or the other string to take us to the final answer! Who killed Raghubir Singh?

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