Five creative ways for your kids to develop new skills from home

These off-screen activities will help your children spend more time with you and take up a new hobby

Teaching children the basics of kneading a dough or preparation of a meal can kindle their interest in cooking. Photo: iStock

Children have got their summer holidays much before the scheduled time due to the nationwide lockdown. While staying indoors creates in them a sense of family togetherness, it also leaves many turning to video games and cartoons.

Here are five off-screen activities that will help your children spend more time with you, and also develop new skills and take up new hobbies.


No scissors! No extravagant equipment! Origami can be a good way to help your children go creative and portray their inner thoughts with some easy folding and tying techniques using paper and clothes.

You can find a lot of videos on the internet to teach your kids this skill, along with similar activities they are taught in their art classes at school.


Stitching is no more a woman’s ball game. Learning basic things like sewing buttons on a shirt or turning old clothes into new customised wearables with be both cost-effective and a good learning process.

Such skills will also help your kids become self-sufficient and stand on their legs in the future.


It’s sometimes stressful allowing kids inside the kitchen as they may pick sharp knives or go near the gas stove or induction plate. But teaching them the basics of kneading a dough or preparation of a meal can kindle their interest in cooking.

There are different recipes that people have been trying out on social media. Involving your kids too in the process can help them obtain a useful skill. Also, you never know if there is a Masterchef hidden in your little ones.

Brain games

With no option left for kids to go out and play, crosswords, puzzles, and other brain games can sharpen their mathematical skills.

Across the world, many people wait for newspapers in the mornings just to solve a new crossword every day. You can help your kids too in solving them, besides board games and puzzles. This way, you can spend some quality time with your children.

Bedtime stories

Though it’s a good habit, not all kids love to read. So, you can read at least one bedtime story each night on topics like historical happenings, the building of a monument, or even describing events from your childhood.

This will be an integral part of your child’s initial development and will be both educative and entertaining for children.

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