Twinkle Khanna sees a Squid Game-like deadly plot in Aryan Khan arrest

Twinkle Khanna aka Mrs Funnybones wrote in her Instagram post that she needed some "heavy-duty psychotropic substances" to make sense of the development in Aryan Khan's arrest

Twinka Khanna said in India we are playing the desi version of the hit Korean series, 'Squid Game'. Pic: @mrsfunnybones

Netflix’s most popular South Korean original series ‘Squid Game’, about cash-strapped, debt-ridden people who participate in childhood games with deadly consequences, is being likened to the ‘ghoulish’ drama around Aryan Khan’s arrest by author and Bollywood celebrity, Twinkle Khanna.

The South Korean show, which contains repelling Tarantino-esque violence the contestants in the game have to commit to enable them to win a mind-boggling cash prize, has itself generated $891.1 million in impact value for Netflix, said a recent Bloomberg report.

Today (October 20), as the battle for Aryan Khan’s bail resumed in a sessions court in Mumbai again where he was denied bail again, reviving media glare on this ‘event’, Twinkle Khanna, the actor turned author, sharing a portion of her blog post titled ‘Let the desi Squid Games begin’, wrote on her Instagram page that in India we were playing our own version of ‘Squid Game’, as long as she could remember.

Khanna added that she was not referring to the countless times someone squirts ink on politicians, instead, she compared the high-pitched court drama and Khan junior’s arrest to one of the games called ‘Marbles’ played in the South Korean series, ‘Squid Game’currently streaming on the platform. There are six seemingly innocuous games the desperate contestants in this series have to play but the ones who lose face the worst bloody fate.


“Each player is given ten marbles and must get their opponent’s marbles by competing in any game of their choosing,” she wrote, adding that in this particular episode of ‘Squid Game’, “one of the strongest candidates is badgered and ultimately ‘bamboozled’ into losing his marbles”.

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“I seem to have misplaced mine as well when I read the news about Shah Rukh Khan’s son’s arrest,” she said, adding that she needed some “heavy-duty psychotropic substances” to make sense of this development. According to her, when there was no drugs found in Khan junior’s possession, she failed to understand why he was languishing in Arthur Road jail. Khanna also known as Mrs Funnybones took a dig at TV personality, Arnab Goswami in her inimitable tongue-in-cheek style saying that she feels like emulating one of Arnab’s dramatic proclamations where he once said, ‘Mujhe drug do, mujhe drugs do”.

Aryan was arrested in the Mumbai cruise drug case by the Narcotics Control Bureau on October 3 and has spent 17 days in custody. A special court will hear his bail plea today on October 20.

Meanwhile, Bollywood veteran scriptwriter and lyricist Javed Akhtar too criticised the media attention superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s son’s has received. He felt that it was more media attention than an alleged “one billion dollar” drug recovery from a port. Akhtar did not take names but seemed to be allegedly referring to the seizure of 2,988 kg of heroin at Mundra Port located in Kutch district of Gujarat.

“You find cocaine worth one billion dollar at a port, somewhere else, there were 1,200 people where ganja and a total sum of 1 lakh 30 thousand is found, according to media reports. Now this has become a big national news but I haven’t seen any headline on the billion dollar cocaine…, he pointed out, said an Indian Express report.

When asked if he feels Bollywood is being targeted with raids, Akhtar told reporters this is the “price” the film industry has to pay for being high profile. “When you are high profile, people have fun pulling you down, throwing muck at you. If you are a nobody, then who has the time to throw stones at you?” asked Akhtar speaking at a book launch in Mumbai.