Steven Spielbergs daughter Mikaela chooses career as adult star
Mikaela Spielberg is the adopted daughter of Hollywood director Steven Spielberg and his wife, actress Kate Capshaw. | File photo

Steven Spielberg's daughter Mikaela chooses career as adult star

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Mikaela Spielberg, the daughter of legendary director Steven Spielberg announced on Wednesday (February 20) that she will be starring in her own solo adult videos and that her famous and powerful Hollywood parents are very supportive of her career choice.

Mikaela’s father, Steven Spielberg is the Academy Award-winning director of ‘Jaws,’ ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark,’ ‘Schindler’s List’ and other classic films, and her mother, actress Kate Capshaw, adopted her as a baby. Mikaela is one of seven children that Spielberg, 73, has with both Capshaw, 66, and with his first wife, Amy Irving.

About her choice of profession Mikaela said, “I’m doing this, not out of an urge to hurt anybody or be spiteful about it, I’m doing this because I want to honor my body in a way that’s lucrative.”

Mikaela furthermore described herself as a ‘sexual creature,’ and explained to The Sun that she had grown frustrated with working a more traditional job. She said she wanted to find a way to ‘capitalize on her body.’

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“This is a positive, empowering choice,” she emphasised. “I realised there is no shame in having a fascination with this industry and wanting to do something that is safe, sane, consensual.”

In her interview, Mikaela also revealed that she had been sexually abused as a child, though not by any member of her family or by anyone who was in her parents’ circle of friends. The abuse, she said, led her to struggle with anorexia, borderline personality disorder and alcoholism as a teenager and young adult.

Mikaela is engaged to 47-year-old, Chuck Pankow, whose profession is darts player.

“The reason I don’t want to do anything outside of solo stuff is because I feel like it would be a violation of my boundaries and my relationship with Chuck,” Mikaela said, adding that his Southern upbringing initially made it difficult for him to accept her wish to go into adult-film work.

“There’s so much shame around that still,” she said. Mikaela told The Sun she hopes her career will allow her to become financially independent from her parents, who she say she loves and speaks to regularly.

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