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Yash will turn 37 on January 8

Actor Yash to have low-key birthday; no updates on his next film yet

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Fans across India are no doubt waiting to hear about his next project, but rocking star Yash is unlikely to oblige them when he rings in his 37th birthday on January 8.

The fans will have to wait a little longer. According to sources, Yash has decided to keep his birthday a low-key affair this year too and won’t make any announcement about his next film.

Yash had kept his birthdays low key in recent years due to fear of Covid-19. Naturally, many hoped it would be a grand affair now post the success of KGF Chapter 2. Yash has decided otherwise.

Birthday fanfare

Superstars, especially in southern India, make public their next project on birthdays. Yash has spent the last seven years working on the KGF franchise. Its roaring success has made him a larger-than-life star.

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KGF Chapter 2 was the second-highest-grosser in India last year. So, there are a lot of expectations about the actor’s next move. However, Yash is taking his time as he is aware that he is walking a tightrope.

In a recent conversation, the actor admitted that people around him are curious about his next move. Fans even want to know if he will do a Hollywood film or remove his beard.

Yash, in the interview with a film portal, said he has met a few filmmakers and is brainstorming ideas. But nothing concrete has emerged thus far. He has told fans not to be disappointed on his birthday as he does not want to announce something half-baked.

Yash has always been a tough master

Yash might be an overnight star outside of Karnataka but he has done 19 films on his way to stardom. Well-known film journalist and critic Murali claims that Yash has always been a tough master when it comes to his scripts. So, it’s no surprise that he is taking so much longer this time around.

“Even when he was a few films old, he never took up anything that came his way. When he did, he would spend weeks and sometimes months working on the script with the director. He would tweak it till he was satisfied. Directors had to break their heads to convince him. Now that he has attained so much fame, he is going to be extra cautious,” said Murali.

Industry sources say there is no need for Yash to be in a hurry as he is riding high on success.

A producer who did not want to be named said: “Yash has made a lot of money. He does not have to worry about finances. He is more focused on taking his stardom to the next level. That’s the way to go for a superstar.”

But the producer warned that it would be risky if he keeps the audience waiting too long — and if his next project fails. “It’s a gamble he is ready to take,” he said.

Yash said that he was not just an actor but also a producer for KGF Chapter 2. As per reports, the film raked in close to Rs 1200 crore.

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The Federal spoke to a few fan associations and close aides of the star and learnt that it would indeed be another quiet birthday for Yash this year. A few fans will head to his house and cut cakes, but there will be no big celebration.

The fans, it seems, will have to wait a little longer to know about their favourite star’s next project.

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