A refreshing ride with ‘sheroes’, Jackpot fails to meet expectations

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Packed with well-executed action scenes, Jackpot lacks on several other parameters, making it not a worthy watch for Tamil movie-goers

Cast: Jyothika, Revathi, Yogi Babu, Mansoor Ali Khan, Rajendran and Anandaraj

Director: Kalyaan

Packed with well-executed action scenes, Jackpot falls flat on several other parameters, making it an unworthy watch for Tamil movie-goers.

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Directed by Kalyaan, the Jyothika and Revathi-starrer revolves around a vessel. It opens with a milkman trying to dig a well. He digs and digs, but finds no water. But then, he unearths a bronze vessel, and upon further digging, he sees milk flowing in the pit.

Confused at the sight of milk inside the pit, he finds that the milk was flowing from the vessel. He keeps the vessel with him and becomes wealthy.

Years later, the vessel gets stolen and it ends up in the possession of an old lady. She uses the vessel at her food outlet. Over time, she finds out the vessel was ‘magical’ and she tries to double her cash by putting the cash inside the vessel. But, this lands her in jail instead. The old lady narrates the story of the vessel to two smart con-women, Jyothika and Revathi, who go in search of the vessel.

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Filled with a lot of tales from the beginning, Jackpot gives Jyothika (Akshaya) and Revathi (Masha) carefree roles. They play around the surrounding, act friendly, and try to steal. They also try to help the needy with the stolen money.

After hearing about the vessel, they find out that the vessel is with one Anandaraj. When they go in search of the vessel, they fight with gangsters, with the help of Rajendran, popularly known as Motta Rajendran, who is in love with Masha.

Samuthirakani also plays a small role in the movie. This movie discusses the whole aspect of people from lower economic background to upper economic background who have their battles to fight.

Meanwhile, a youngster who disrespects a soothsayer gets transformed and his appearance changes, and Yogi Babu enters. Yogi constantly cribs about his appearance and tries to find the soothsayer to get back to his original look.

The movie does not have any male lead roles, and has two women protagonists. The lead characters are packed with all the required contents — right from the intro song for Jyothika to stunts that she pulls off.

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Besides, the movie borrows background scores from several movies, which seems to be disturbing at times. Certain action sequences are lengthy while one song seems unnecessarily forced.

Typical fight scenes and stunts are well executed without by Jyothika. Though it doesn’t have much of social message or extraordinary plots, Jackpot takes the viewers on a roller coaster ride with vibrant colours.

Though Jyothika and Revathi have given their all, it might fall short of fans’ expectations.

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