Gujarat: Modi woos adivasis in Songadh, rakes up Balakot again

PM Modi urged voters in Maharashtra to elect a decisive government to power.

Addressing a rally at the adivasi-dominated Songadh in Gujarat, Prime minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said by 2022 not a there wouldn’t be a single farmer or an adivasi who doesn’t have a house.

“All that the Congress talks about is ‘Modi hatao’ (remove Modi). “We [BJP] talk about ‘garabi hatao’ (removing poverty). We care about people, the upliftement of Adivasi population,” he said. The Congress party is an enemy of the middle class, the PM added.

Earlier in the day, the prime minister addressed a rally at Junagadh where he accused the Congress of snatching away food from poor children and filling the stomach of its own leaders. He questioned the the opposition’s integrity towards the nation and respect for the armed forces and said that the Congress has been continuously chanting Modi hatao, Modi hatao (get rid of Modi).

Repeating the same accusations against the opposition, Modi said had the party at the helm of affairs after India’s Independence worked for the country and not just one family, today the country would have been much ahead of other nations in terms of economic development.

The prime minister once again raked the IAF airstrike on Balakot, saying that the Congress is asking for proof. “They don’t trust our word. They trust Pakistan.”

“Won’t we live in peace once terrorism is rooted out?” he questioned, adding that crores of rupees that should have been spent on the poor and adivasis is being spent on secuirty now only because it was ignored by previous governments.