BJP set terrorists free in 1999: Cong on Shah’s ‘Ilu Ilu’ jibe

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Home Minister Amit Shah with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. File Photo/PTI

The Congress on Saturday (April 27) condemned BJP president Amit Shah’s “Rahul Baba, you do Ilu-Ilu with terrorists” comment, saying it was the BJP government which had freed and taken terrorists to Kandahar in a plane in 1999.

During an election rally in Jalore on April 26, Shah said his party’s policy is to reply with a bombshell if Pakistan fires a bullet, while the Congress just plays “Ilu-Ilu” with terrorists. Ilu is an abbreviation for ‘I love you’ in a popular Bollywood song in the 90s.

“Who had released terrorists and taken them to Kandahar in a plane?” Congress general secretary in-charge of Rajasthan Avinash Pande asked in response to Shah’s comment.

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“There is no single instance where Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP president Amit Shah or any top leader or their family members even got their finger cut in the fight against terrorism but in Congress there are examples of former PMs Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and others,” he told PTI.

Three most-wanted terrorists were released in return for the safety of passengers in an Indian Airlines plane which was hijacked to Afghanistan’s Kandahar in 1999.

Pande said when the prime minister mentions martyrs in his speeches, he should take the names of Congress leaders who had lost their lives for the country.

He also accused the prime minister and the BJP of misusing social media platforms to “spread lies” in a strategic manner to influence voters, especially the youngsters.

The Congress leader said there is an unsaid emergency in the country and under Modi’s rule the Constitution and democracy are in danger.

“There is an unsaid emergency in the country and the environment for positive planning is completely lacking. The BJP is spreading lies to divert attention from real issues,” Pande said.

“The PM and the BJP are misusing social media platforms and misleading people, particularly young voters through lies and distorted historic facts. The young generation has not seen much and is stuck on social media. Young people should think what PM Modi will give to them but it will be very late before they awaken,” he said.

Accusing the government of weakening constitutional institutions, Pande said it will take a lot of time for the institutions to recover.

“Now they are saying that they will rule for 50 years if they win this election. It is apparent that the constitution is under threat,” he said.

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