Yet another assault on medical professionals, this time in Bengaluru

Senior intensivist and nurse attacked by son of patient. Police take accused in custody

There have been a spate of attacks on medical professionals and facilities in the country over the past year | Representing Photo : iStock

A doctor and nurse were assaulted by a relative of a man being treated in Fortis Bengaluru’s intensive care unit (ICU) on Sunday.

Senior intensivist Dr. Padmakumar and his team had examined the clinical condition of the patient as part of their morning routine and were counselling the patient’s son when he started abusing them. Shortly thereafter the son approached Dr Padmakumar and hit him over the head with an object. He also attacked a senior sister accompanying the doctor.

Security guards immediately intervened and rescued the medical professionals. The police soon arrived and took the son in custody. An FIR has now been registered.

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Dr. Padmakumar was immediately taken to the neurosurgery department for an MRI, which revealed no major injury.

“The doctor was found to have a scalp hematoma [bruise],” a statement released by Ganesh Prasad Mudraje, chairman, [anti-]Harassment Committee, Indian Medical Association (IMA), Karnataka State Branch, said.

“In this pandemic, unfortunately, these kinds of attacks on frontline workers are happening almost daily,” Dr. Mudraje said in the statement said.

“Such incidents are creating a sense of fear among frontline workers who are working in critical areas, risking their own life. We are unfortunate to say that even though there are enough laws to prevent such heinous crimes against the medical fraternity, the implementing authorities are not taking positive steps to curb such crimes,” he said.

There has been a spate of attacks on medical professionals and facilities in the country over the past year. Recently doctors in several states boycotted services for a day to show solidarity with their fellow professionals and demanded strict action against perpetrators.

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