Spain returns ‘faulty’ COVID-19 testing kits to China

Reports suggest Czech Republic too found 80 per cent of Chinese kits delivering inaccurate results

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Spain is sending back the first batch of rapid COVID-19 testing kits it had purchased from China, alleging the kits are faulty.

According to the health authorities in Spain, the rapid coronavirus testing kits sent by China are not consistently detecting positive cases, thus showing an accuracy level below 30 per cent.

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Due to the high error rate of the kits, Spain has announced it is sending back the first batch of the testing kits it had procured from China.


However, the Chinese Embassy in the European country responded saying the batch of kits, which were found to be faulty, were not supplied by a licensed provider. It clarified the batch was not part of the recent 423-million Euro deal between the two countries.

Reports suggest the company, Shenzhen Bioeasy Biotechnology, was not among the certified providers that China offered to Spain. Spain had ordered 340,000 kits from the company.

The embassy said the company does not even have a licence to sell its products by the Chinese National Medical Products Administration.

Spain is one of the worst affected countries in Europe and has already crossed China’s toll with over 4,000 deaths. So far, it has detected over 57,000 cases.

The Czech Republic too has faced a similar situation as it reportedly found 80 per cent of the Chinese kits delivering inaccurate results.

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