Not loss of smell: COVID Delta variant throws up new symptoms

Researchers say headache, sore throat and runny nose could no longer be ignored as ‘common cold’

Doctors suggest that anyone with common cold should take it seriously and get herself tested. Pic: Pixabay

The Delta variant of coronavirus may attack a healthy individual in the guise of a common cold, say researchers in the United Kingdom.

Now, having symptoms like headache, sore throat and runny nose may indicate COVID infection in the UK, the BBC reported.

The young in the UK look more susceptible to catch this ‘common cold’, it has been found. They may be asymptomatic, but still capable of spreading the infection.


Doctors suggest that anyone with common cold should take it seriously and get herself tested.

The common symptoms of COVID have been cough, fever, loss of smell or taste. However, Prof Tim Spector of the Zoe Covid Symptom study team, says they have changed.

“Since the start of May, we have been looking at the top symptoms in the app users – and they are not the same as they were,” he told BBC.

Prof Spector attributes these changed symptoms to the strong presence of Delta variant, which first appeared in India and is now responsible for a majority of cases in the UK.

Fever is still the common factor, but loss of smell is no longer a prominent symptom.

What are the new symptoms?

People affected by the Delta variant have complained of muscle weakness and some sort of ‘off’ feeling.

Prof Spector said, “The Delta variant works differently. A person may think he has just got some sort of seasonal cold and go out among friends and relatives and infect more people without having a clue. This could be the reason why COVID is spreading so rapidly in the UK.”

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A study by the Imperial College London observed more than 10 lakh cases to conclude that several new symptoms have emerged.

Doctors in the UK say the new symptoms associated with Delta variant of coronavirus suggest people should not take a runny nose or common cold lightly and get themselves tested immediately.

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