Anti-vaxxer Pooja Bedi tests COVID+, says my immunity will rise up
Pooja's fiance and house help have also caught the infection.

Anti-vaxxer Pooja Bedi tests COVID+, says 'my immunity will rise up'

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Seems like COVID has finally caught up with anti-vaxxer Pooja Bedi.

The actress, who has been vocal about not taking the COVID vaccine, has tested positive for the virus, but is sure that her “immunity will naturally rise up”. In a video posted on Instagram on Sunday, she informed her fans that her fiance and house help have also caught the infection.

“Hello everyone! I have been wondering why I have not got the coronavirus till now. It is so infectious and everyone, at some point is going to get it. Well, voila! Seems that I have now caught it. I have tested positive,” Pooja says in the clip.

“I know I have been vocal about not taking the vaccine. For me, it was a choice that I took. I know that my immunity will naturally rise up and I want to rely on my natural immunity. Each one of you, go make your own choices, this is my chronicled journey,” she goes on to say.

She tells her fans that she had been cleaning her cupboards and initially believed she had a dust allergy, but when it worsened, she went for a COVID test and came out positive. “It is quite the virus that kind of knocks you out, I have been passing out a lot,” she says, adding that she is taking all precautions and the numbers are in her favour.

“We must know that 99 per cent of people who caught coronavirus before the vaccines came out, have survived. And, 99 per cent post the vaccination have also survived. We need caution, not panic. The fact is, we have tools and aids on our side.” Pooja says in the video, adding that she is taking fresh fruit and steam as part of her treatment.

Pooja had earlier tweeted in August this year: “If 99% survive Covid with or without the vaccine the govt needs to focus on isolating, vaccinating & masking THOSE who have COMBORBITIES & are in the risk bracket. NOT VACCINATE the whole world! & certainly not discriminate against unvaccinated! It’s illogical & Sinister! (sic).”

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