With WFH here to stay, India Inc switches to HR tech to keep up

From using HCM software to hiring and training new recruits online, HR departments are increasingly using technology to streamline the hiring process and manage the workforce remotely

Even though lockdowns have been eased, around 43 per cent of full-time employees, as per a survey by getAbstract, said they wanted to work from home. Pic: iStock

Companies which are recuperating from COVID-induced disturbances in cycle of work, courtesy job cuts and the inevitable work-from-home culture, are embracing HR technologies to put in place a streamlined hiring process and manage their workforce remotely.

Staffing solutions firm TeamLease is said to have reported a 30 per cent rise in demand for HR-related technologies, thanks to the pandemic. According to a Times of India report, corporate India is now keen on four key HR technologies.

Bridging the gap with HCM

HCM (Human Capital Management) automation is software that companies use to streamline the entire exercise of employment, beginning from the hiring to the exit of an employee. Although HCM is interchangeably used with Human Resource Management (HRM), it is different – while HRM focuses on maintaining employee records and taking stock of benefits, HCM encompasses HRM roles besides taking up strategic functions such as analysing data to predict talent and assess a current employee’s performance.


At a time when the switchover to hybrid and remote work culture has widened the communication gap, HCM is helping companies to remotely manage employees, hire the best in the industry and design compensation.

The data analytics HCM banks on helps companies put together satisfactory compensation packages, appraisals and performance-based perks.

Software for online hiring

While the pandemic introduced us to Zoom and Google meetings, hiring and firing through video conferencing is not a novel concept anymore, with HR departments choosing virtual meetings over in-person interviews.

Even though lockdowns have been eased, around 43 per cent of full-time employees, as per a survey by getAbstract, said they wanted to work from home. Considering that a chunk of new recruits would want to work remotely, HR departments are conducing video interviews to hire and onboard new recruits. For the same, they are falling back on digital platforms that would ensure a hassle-free hiring and induction.

LMS training software

With new recruits being hired and inducted online, face-to-face live induction and training sessions are being replaced by the learning management system (LMS).

HR departments now train employees on advanced LMS platforms which have a host of features including course building, video hosting, time tracking, attendance and assessment. Apart from imparting training, the operative system helps organisations track and monitor the training activity of new recruits.

The bot HR

Unable to reach the HR over the phone? The artificial intelligence-powered HR chatbot may have answers to your questions. You heard it right! To make up for their physical absence, HR executives are employing intuitive chatbots who could answer queries starting from company holidays, benefits, policies to training sessions, and employee assessment.