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Strike will send wrong signal, says Nissan CIO

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Hours before the commencement of the nationwide strike called by various trade unions,  the chief information officer of automobile giant Nissan has come out against the stir, saying it would send a wrong signal to the investors.

In a hard-hitting pun-laced Facebook post, Nissan CIO Tony Thomas wondered how the delegates would be able to reach Kerala for the two-day investors meet from January 9 when there is a strike the previous day.

The strike is expected to be total in the southern state, which has been positioning itself as an investor-friendly destination.

Taking a swipe, Thomas wanted to know if the delegates would be carrying lunchboxes along with them and swim the Arabian sea to reach Kochi for the meeting.

“On January 8, a 24-hour strike by has been called, which will result in shutting down of hotels, shops in the state and also disrupt the transportation system. Along with that on January 11, there is the demolition festival of Maradu flats. Moreover, the Kochi airport, which only operates when there is no rain, is not functioning even if it is sunny,” he said.

“So most probably, the investors will cross the Arabian sea with their lunchboxes and reach the state and understand that it is not a place suitable for investment and leave for other places,” he said.

On the one side, an investor meet is being organised by the state government, while on the other side there is investor paralysis, he said.

However, Industries minister E P Jayarajan dismissed the claims of the automobile giant’s senior official, saying the statements were “unnecessary.”

“The statements were unnecessary. I don’t know why and for whom he has made such a statement. As a responsible information officer of Nissan, he should have behaved in a matured manner. I hope Nissan will take note of this,” the minister told the media.

Central trade unions have urged civil society to take part in the nationwide strike called jointly by them on January 8 against the “anti-labour policies” of the BJP-led NDA government at the Centre.

Essential services, including the press, besides tourism industry and Sabarimala devotees have been exempted from the purview of the strike.

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