Market crash: Experts on coronavirus, Yes Bank and global issues

The Federal in discussion with Senthil Nathan, Fund Manager and Anand Srinivasan, Proprietary Investor on the market crash that has spooked investors.

Highlights of the discussion

‘Coronavirus doesn’t have cure. It should settle in 45 days to two months’: Senthil Nathan

‘Yes Bank crisis should have been dealt with in 2018’: Anand Srinivasan

‘In 5-7 years, positive returns are reaped’: Senthil Nathan

‘Interest rates going towards zero’: Senthil Nathan

‘Retail investors should stay away. This is not the time for them to invest’: Anand Srinivasan

‘Whenever markets fall 20% in a month, in the next six months it rises 25%’: Senthil Nathan

‘Certain sectors unaffected. Some sectors will benefit a lot’: Senthil Nathan