Law school alumni help 179 Karnataka migrants fly back to Chhattisgarh

As many as 179 migrants, who were stranded in Karnataka due to the COVID-19 lockdown, returned to Chhattisgarh on Thursd...

For Indian expats returning home, COVID’s shattered a dream too many

For S Suresh, a server working in a Dubai bar, life had gotten better since he left his native Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu....

Back in their villages, only hope for migrants is UPA-era MNREGA

More than any long term measures, the migrant workers seeking immediate relief after their recent nightmarish experience are pinning their hope on the MNREGA, once ridiculed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a living monument of the failure of the erstwhile Congress-led UPA government.

The invisible women in the sea of migrant labourers

The word ‘migrant’ in the time of coronavirus lockdown conjures up images of tired, desolate men walking hundreds of kil...

Migrant workers: Labour without liberty

Experts believe that he decision of states to amend labour laws will be a body blow to the working class, especially migrant workers, and that taking the ordinance route for this was unconstitutional.