Sachin Pilot: A born rebel sent to battle by Ashok Gehlot’s insults

Sometime in 2004, journalists in Jaipur were invited to a hotel near Jaipur railway station by Rama Pilot, wife of the late Congress leader ...

How Indian Air Force could buttress country’s defence against Ch...

While India and China have partially withdrawn their ground forces at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh, military mobilisation of forces on either side would compulsorily involve airpower capabilities.

BJP prepares for life sans Yediyurappa with rash of ‘anti-farmer’ move...

It is becoming increasingly clear that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is preparing for a life sans B S Yediyurappa, their mascot for decades, in Karnataka.

COVID-19: Indian vaccines in global race to end pandemic

With the announcement of ...

Jagan’s sweeping doles spell trouble for Andhra Pradesh economy

Once political parties were accused of offering money to buy votes and capture power. The new trend seems to be purchasing the loyalty of the voters through an ingenious move — direct cash transfers from the government treasury. Andhra Pradesh is not the first state to offer sops and welfare schemes to the poor. It’s Tamil Nadu that pioneered th...

COVID-19: Scientists peer at waste for info on public health

Isn't it surprising to know that what we flush down our toilets carries a wealth of information about our health? Raw, untreated wastewater that carries human excreta is also a reservoir of several chemicals, metabolites and pathogens that are regularly eliminated by the body. By screening samples of the sewage, experts can estimate the concentr...

Deep divide in Uttar Pradesh politics robs Priyanka of her Delhi house

In a politically significant move, the Centre has ordered Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra to move out of the government bungalow allotted to her in Delhi in a month’s time.It was the government that had offered her the lavish accommodation 23 years ago.

Centre’s proposed eco clearance rules jeopardize NE’s fragile ecology

A new set of rules that the Union government proposed to introduce to administer the country’s environment clearance regime raised renewed ecological concerns in India’s northeast and other tribal areas that have the country's 60 percent forest cover.

No fairy tales to tell: COVID-lockdown spins nightmares for expecting mothers

At around 6 pm of May 3 in Delhi, a pregnant woman with a history of pregnancy-induced hypertension had spotting and was in need of immediate medical care.


J&K opens for tourism, pilgrimage but locked down for locals

Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir administration's stunning move on Sunday to reintroduce severe restrictions and re-impose lockdown in many areas of the Kashmir Valley while simultaneously throwing open the region for tourism activities and the holy Amarnath pilgrimage, has stirred a heated debate.

Unchecked, unquestioned, police atrocities continue

According to NCRB data, between 2001 and 2018 as many as 1,727 people have died in police and judicial custody.

Cryo-electron microscopy: The game-changer for structural biology

It is said, a picture is ...




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Arrestees have rights too: Know if these were exercised for Jayaraj, Bennicks

The revelations about a father and son dying in police custody due to sexual torture (inflicted using lathis) has brought to light the ways a few law enforcement officials misuse or at times, disregard the laws they are expected to uphold.

Parties, don’t misunderstand Pawar, learn from his wisdom

The twin crisis of COVID-19 and the border conflict with China at Ladakh, has left political parties divided, more than ever. At a time when the country needs to be united, no leader, except Sharad Pawar, came forward to call for the closing of ranks by politicos through these trying times. Still, Pawar’s plea to bring back sanity among leaders, fl...

Modi’s address to nation wrapped subtly in Bihar poll flavour

Chennai: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a brilliant strategist, and being so, he didn’t forget to lace his today’s address to the nation subtly with enough ingredients required to push the BJP’s agenda for the upcoming Bihar elections, due later this year.

A veteran and novice revive ‘mundane’ Bihar politics

Politics in Bihar had lost its appeal due to two reasons — the conviction and imprisonment of RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav in three fodder scam cases and the reunion of JD(U) president and Chief Minister Nitish Kumar with the NDA camp, which gained an edge in the state. However, the entire situation has got an interesting twist ahead of the assembly...

For the Hindujas, the biggest threat comes from within

The story of the rise of The Hindujas from being a distributor of a Hindi hit film to one of the most powerful and the richest families in the UK can easily be turned into a blockbuster of a movie itself.

Nagaland governor makes CM Rio scapegoat for Centre’s failure

Kolkata: Nagaland Governor RN Ravi has threatened to take over the reins of law and order machinery in the state by invoking a special provision of the Constitution, severely undermining the role of the elected government.

Behind NC’s renewed demand for restoration of J&K’s special status

After an over 10-month-long hush over key issues concerning Jammu and Kashmir’s future political landscape, the region’s oldest political formation, the National Conference, has finally decided to speak up for the restoration of autonomy and statehood without being ambiguous.

How India and China measure up against each other on the border

The Indian Army and Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) clashed violently across the Line of Actual Control (LAC) for the first time on 16/17 June 2020 with fatal casualties after New Delhi and Beijing signed the Peace and Tranquility Agreement in 1996 with each other. In a sense, this opens a new chapter of India-China military diplomacy which ...

In line with Mukesh’s grand plan, Reliance is debt-free ahead of deadline

Bucking the trend, where companies are finding it difficult to raise funds during the COVID-19 pandemic, Reliance Industries have gone ahead and announced itself as net debt-free.

Facial Recognition Technology: Storm in the West, calm in India

Even as privacy advocates in India have flagged similar concerns, more and more states have been using advanced facial recognition technologies, virtually bordering on mass surveillance, in the name of modernising their police departments.

Facing trouble from all side, India needs to reboot ‘neighbourhood first’...

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s neighbourhood policy is slowly but surely unravelling. Three of India’s immediate neighbours – China, Pakistan and Nepal have problems with New Delhi. While the China – Pakistan axis is well established, there is now a possibility of Nepal moving into this anti-India orbit. Even a loose tie-up of these three countries...

BJP’s RS nomination of titular king spurs political crisis in Manipur

Kolkata: The current political crisis in Manipur following a split in the ruling National Democratic Alliance late Wednesday evening, was propelled by the BJP’s decision to nominate Leishemba Sanajaoba, the state’s titular king, for the lone Rajya Sabha seat from Manipur.

Galwan clashes: India can either resist China or meekly accept its hegemony

A tired smile appeared on Zorawar Singh Kahluria’s face as he surveyed the snow-covered Mayum La ahead. He was expecting a strong contingent of the Qing army on the narrow road that stretched through the pass and led to western Tibet. Finding the road empty, Kahluria took a deep breath and ordered the Khalsa army to roll ahead. Through the summe...

Modi will not pay political price for security failure in Ladakh

New Delhi: The death of Colonel Santosh Babu and two soldiers in a violent face-off with Chinese troops in Galwan Valley in eastern Ladakh is a blow to the uber-nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Nuclear modernisation: The emerging threat to global peace

The end of the Cold War three decades back has not ended nuclear build-up in the world. Nuclear weapon states are modernising their existing air-, sea- and land-based delivery vehicles and warheads.

Why transliteration of place names backfired on Tamil Nadu govt

The Tamil Nadu government has come under fire for inconsistently transliterating the names of 1,018 places in the state into the English alphabet.

India’s discharge policy behind increased COVID recovery rate: Experts

India crossed the 3 lakh-mark as it reported the highest single-day spike of 11,458 new COVID-19 cases on Saturday.

Lockdown worsens existing issues with blood donation, availability in India

How did the lockdown affect the overall health of Indians? The answer to that question depends on whom we talk about. The lockdown certainly helped avoid a large number of deaths. But what about those who were sick or those that required urgent care and attention?

Changing place names in TN makes no difference until caste tags removed

Chennai: Around 60 km away from Chennai lies Arunthathipuram, a hamlet in Tiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu. It was named after the Arunthathiyar, a Scheduled Caste community living there. A stone’s throw away from the hamlet are the settlements of the caste Hindus, who refer to it using a derogatory term.

Not all’s blue for firms, some tech companies do robust business amid lockdown

In the midst of an unprecedented economic crisis, some companies, especially in the tech space in the field of education, health, gaming, content generation, essential retail trade, agriculture and food supply, are beating the COVID blues and experiencing robust business growth.