Coronavirus in America: Will the real Donald Trump please stand up?

The coronavirus is undoubtedly taking its toll on the globe: around one million people have been infected and 30,000 have died in a pandemic that has affected at least 180 countries and territories.

Many loose ends to enlisting private hospitals in COVID-19 fight

New Delhi: With the number of coronavirus infections in the country nearing the 1,000-mark, the Central and state governments are taking steps to enlist the private sector healthcare infrastructure to ramp up the war against COVID-19.

Migrant exodus may lead to an explosion of COVID-19 cases

Thousands of migrant workers and laborers who lost their livelihood and have no money to sustain over the 21-day lockdown in Delhi are walking back to their hometowns.

The bad, the worse and the worst: Where India is headed on COVID graph...

Despite the present lockdown, the best case scenario for India is that at least 15 crore people may be infected with coronavirus by the end of May. In the worst case, the figure could cross a staggering 24-crore mark.

What is Darjeeling’s link to the possible COVID-19 cure?

Darjeeling is famous across the world for its aromatic tea. But in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, one of its lesser-known herbal treasures is eliciting a renewed interest, at least among the locals, as scientists turned to anti-malarial drugs as a possible cure for COVID-19.

In Kerala, lockdown for women means abuse and govt must address it

Sitting at home for 21 days would be difficult for all irrespective of gender, but it is more horrid for women and trans people as homes are the source of oppression and violence even otherwise. Husbands, sons and fathers staying at home full-time would not only double the burden of domestic labour, but also increase incidence of domestic violence.

Post-coronavirus world; Dystopian surveillance or public empowerment?

One must wonder how will the post-coronavirus world look? Will the mass digital health surveillance become the new normal? Will the monitoring measures that are acceptable to people in times of emergency become permanent fixtures? 

The all-pervasive Ramayan constant: From (Ram) Janmabhoomi to Mandir

Ramanand Sagar’s ‘Ramayan’ was first telecast between 1987 and 1988 on Doordarshan, and it will have a rerun starting March 28 on popular demand. Union Minister Prakash Javadekar on Friday announced the decision to re-telecast the 78-episode series on the epic written by sage Valmiki and modelled after the version by Tulsidas.

Time for a reset: Airlines in India face their moment of truth

The domestic airline industry never had a good year for a long time and now faces the added pressure from the outbreak of the coronavirus, which threatens its existence.


WHO concerned over exponential spread of COVID-19 pandemic, deaths

Geneva: The World Health Organization said on Wednesday that it was deeply concerned about the near-exponential escalation of the new coronavirus pandemic, with the number of deaths doubling in a week.

Six-week-old newborn dies of coronavirus in US: State governor

New York: A six-week-old baby has died of complications relating to COVID-19, the governor of the US state of Connecticut has said, in one of the youngest recorded deaths from the virus.




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Omar a free man but does he have the heft to challenge Modi

On his release, the National Conference leader said despite being placed under detention, he was still lucky compared to ‘thousands of Kashmiri political prisoners’ who were languishing in various jails across India.

As always, media is favourite whipping boy in COVID-19 pandemic

Like a cricket ball hit for a six, which sometimes hits an unsuspecting spectator, the media as an involved bystander has received a hard knock from the coronavirus pandemic.

Modi takes country into uncharted territory with 21-day lockdown 

As expected, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday announced a major 21-day lockdown, following up on the Janata curfew two days earlier

COVID-19 lockdown forces Centre to rethink NPR, Census ops schedule

New Delhi: The Narendra Modi government is discussing a new schedule for starting the update of the National Population Register (NPR), Census, and  house listing in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The government has ruled out start of the controversial enumeration from April 1.

Will passenger trains’ suspension help contain COVID-19 spread?

Indian Railways is expected to incur a loss of around ₹1,200 crore due to the suspension of passenger trains in the country from March 22 midnight till the month end in in its effort to contain the spread of the coronavirus outbreak. However, it remains to be seen as to how effective this suspension of services will be in tackling the situation.

COVID-19: Where does India stand one week after its 100th case?

India’s response to COVID-19 appears to be good since the rate of increase in the number of new cases over the last week shows that the country still has time to contain the outbreak.

Is the game over for Bernie Sanders? Latest polls say yes

As Joe Biden keeps gaining, many political observers are making the point that it is about time Bernie Sanders bows out of the Democratic race gracefully.

PM Modi talks more on self-imposed discipline, mum on govt responsibility

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his first view on Covid-19, appeared to take the path of volunteerism rather than inform people on the steps his government intended to take in facing the worrisome viral pandemic that has gripped the world.

Will execution of Nirbhaya convicts help reduce crimes against women?

One of the most gruesome, horrific instances of gang-rape which took place in December 2012 continues to remain fresh in everyone’s minds to this day.

More questions than answers in the Yes Bank rescue act

Yes Bank has finally been rescued. The fourth-largest bank in the country was floundering a few weeks ago but the government in its infinite wisdom extended a helping hand and got it out of a situation it had itself to blame.

How your idle computer can help scientists chase, evaluate corona proteins to find cu...

Imagine you want to simulate the working of a protein on your MacBook Pro laptop. It will take about 500 years to model just one millisecond of protein folding, a process that determines its functioning. How can this task be compressed to just six months, instead of 500 years? By having a huge network of computers running the calculations in par...

ICJ, Nirbhaya convicts’ last resort, holds little hope

Three of the four convicts in the Nirbhaya gang-rape and murder case are now knocking on the doors of International Court of Justice, the highest court in the world.

Transition to BS-VI may see little gain for auto makers

A fortnight from now, the Indian automobile sector would have made a painful transition from BS-IV to BS-VI emission norms, in the process losing market share, battling uncertainty over policies and legal lock jams. The cost involved in this transition is expected to be as high as ₹60,000 crore.

Coronavirus: It’s a race against time for global researchers

As the world grapples with coronavirus pandemic, researchers are racing against time to find an immediate cure for the disease and also develop a vaccine against the new respiratory pathogen.

Kashmir’s caged ‘Tiger’ is back, but the roar is missing

The sudden release of former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir Dr Farooq Abdullah came as a surprise to political analysts and pundits besides the people of the country.

China makes a tech-tonic shift in war against coronavirus

Over the years, China has set up one of the most expansive and sophisticated surveillance systems in the world. The expansive data collection has, however, raised concerns over privacy issues.

Corona may fly Air India divestment through an air pocket

Just when the Narendra Modi Government had come out all guns blazing with a special purpose vehicle (SPV) and relaxation of investment norms to make strategic divestment of Air India successful at least this time, the COVID-19 tsunami is threatening to derail it once again.

BJP adopts twin strategy to score big in Rajya Sabha elections

New Delhi: Between 2014 and 2019, if the BJP had converted itself into a vote-getting machine — constantly wresting power in the states — since the summer of 2019, it has been focusing on changing the number dynamics in the Rajya Sabha.

MICE tourism loses $42 bn as corona stalls global events

As expected, it is the global MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibition) industry that is the first and the hardest-hit by coronavirus with over 500 events either cancelled or postponed indefinitely just over the past four weeks, resulting in a whopping $42 billion loss.

AP’s loss is Telangana’s gain: A contrasting tale of sibling Telugu state...

Hyderabad/Amaravati: One man’s adversity is another man’s prosperity. This appears to be the case with the sibling Telugu states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The flight of capital from Andhra is proving to be a bonanza for Hyderabad, the economic powerhouse of Telangana.